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Company Profile

MESTA INC, a division of SWASTIK LLOYDS ENGINEERING PRIVATE LTD., has an extensive history of industrial Pipe Fitting manufacturing, exporting and trading. We supply numerous types of piping equipments including Bend, Cap, Coupling, Elbow, Reducer, Stub End, Tee, Olet, Joint, Gasket, etc. As a professional industrial Pipe Fitting manufacturer, MESTA INC has been producing Pipe Fitting for a variety of applications since 1997, covering areas of petroleum & natural gas transportation, water treatment, energy generating, mine processing, construction pipe system and more. Landee stocks a wide range of Pipe Fittings in various grades, sizes and specifications, meeting quality standards such as API, ANSI, EN, ISO, BS, ASME, etc.

MESTA INC is proud to be recognized as a reputable, reliable cooperation, reassuring customers of integrity and sound business services. Industrial Pipe Fittings manufactured from MESTA INC are well accepted by customers all over the world. We are proud to partner with some of the top names in the industry to offer superior equipments like Shell, PDO, QP and KOC.

MESTA INC is continuously developing innovative technology and trying to maximize customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide worldwide clients with complete business solution by competitive and attentive services. For any Pipe Fittings needs you may have, please browse through our Product Showroom, and then send us your inquiries. We are always ready to delivery integrity and sound business services for any customer throughout the world.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

mesta certificate

Manufacturing Facilities

    • Pipe Bend Manufacturing Plant 1

    • Pipe Bend Manufacturing Plant 2

    • Pipe Bend Manufacturing Plant 3

    • Pipe Bend Manufacturing Plant 4

    • Pipe Bend Manufacturing Plant 5

    • Pipe Bend Manufacturing Plant 6

    • Pipe Bend Manufacturing Plant 7

    • Pipe Bend Manufacturing Plant 8